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Geocomp is an ideal toolkit for surveyors and civil engineers, providing modular packages that can be used in the field to edit data. It is then used in the office with several other modules to perform geodetic network adjustments, build digital terrain models, generate contours, extract X-sections and volumetric calculation.

Geocomp Systems' famous DOS civil and survey application is up to version 10.08

Geocomp is successfully used by thousands of surveyors and engineers in small and large scale construction projects as well as in the oil and mining industry.
The software has proven its advantages with the design of roads where cut and fill volumes are optimised and quantities for construction materials need to be frequently and easily calculated.

Geocomp is used by Shell Gabon, Shell Nigeria and Texaco in Angola. Also the national oil company in Syria El Furat is using the Geocomp software.
The UN organisation Habitat (Nairobi), Betico in Mali, Local Authorities in Kenia, Dar Consult in Sudan as well as the Ministry of Roads and Bridges in Sudan have recently purchased several packages.