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Quickly and accurately estimate earthwork quantities with
the aid of a digitiser. From Trimble (formerly Spectra Precision Software).

Paydirt is designed for estimators, not computer experts.
If you can read construction plans and use Windows 95 or later, you can trace plans into a computer with a digitizer and get accurate volume reports out quickly, often in less than an hour. From Trimble.

For estimators who need to not only calculate quantities from paper plans but to perform a detailed analysis of their project. Sitework 5.0 includes Terramodel CAD including data exchange.

SiteWork Lite
For the general contractor or smaller excavating firm that does not need the additional power of the full SiteWork program

For linear projects, such as roads, dams, railways and channels, where you need to take off quantities from cross sections.

Calculate pipe lengths, depths, excavation and backfill quantities.